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  • "Over twenty-five years ago I was diagnosed as having no cartilege in either knee or my right right hip.  As opposed to having surgery, I tried acupuncture, stem cell replacement, dieting, exercise, and chiropractic manipulation, all with very limited success.  My mobility was still compromised.  After using the Women’s 35 and the Relief Support Packs for only  few weeks, my mobility is greatly improved and the pain and stiffness of my joints have been greatly minimized.  I no longer dread going up and down stairs.  I highly recommend these two  Support Packs to improve mobility and quality of life."

    Bertha I.

  • "I love the 40+ for men.... Great service... I'm feeling great, refreshed and ready for the day."

    George K.

  • The supplement packs were just what I needed... I didn't have to spend half my morning opening supplement bottles.

    Mel W.